The Gym

GRIT MMA is centrally located to serve the Portland Metro and surrounding communities in Oregon. The 3,000 square foot facility is just off of Mcloughlin Boulevard in the Twin Oaks Plaza in Milwaukie. There is plenty of parking.

Our Gym Family

Gym Space

Our dream was to create a gym that is welcoming to anyone– appealing to children, teens, and adults. The training room has 1,800 feet of mat space and a viewing area for parents and friends that is safely separated from the mats by cage walls.

Members and friends often are seen before and after classes visiting in the reception area. A full set of weights, kettle bells, and an aerodyne bike are available for use by members.

Cleanliness is important in a gym! We have a regular regime of sweeping, daily disinfecting, and weekly cleaning.

What Members Say


Very beautiful and clean gym, the cleaning guy must really put in the work.  

Coach Carson uses analogies to make learning easy and efficient. 

Kyle Chavez


Excellent gym with a huge open mat space and various training equipment.  Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.  

Damen Wood

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