Fees & Purchasing

Thank you for your interest in GRIT MMA! We aim to make every client’s experience a great one! It begins when you first walk through our door!!

GRIT MMA understands that it may be a big jump for some customers to purchase membership and get simulated into classes. GRIT offers a Free Week Trial for any new customer who wants to try out our classes. Some customers may want to purchase private sessions before they start regular classes.

If you have other ideas on how to get started, let us know. We will work with you.


GRIT MMA offers membership packages for individual youth and adults as well as families (2 or more). For safety purposes, the coaches will determine skill level for participation in intermediate and advanced classes.

Part-time members receive 9 classes per month. Full-time members can participate in as many eligible classes as the choose.

Private Sessions

Private classes are available to members and non-members. They can be purchases in 30- minute or 60-minute increments with discounts on multiple sessions packages. Clients may choose private lessons from Coach Carson Frei or Coach Joey Walker.

Drop Ins

If you just one to purchase by the classes, that is ok too. This is a great way for some to get exposure the gym or just get in some training while temporarily in the area.


Membership PlansServicesPrice
Adult (Full-time)All adult classes and open gym.$175/month
Adult (Part-time)9 adult classes per month (average 2 classes per week).$120/month
Youth 5-17 years (Full-time)5-12 years: All youth classes.

13-17 years: All qualifying 13 years to adult classes (with class limitation on tested skill level) and open gym.
Youth 5-17 years (Part-time)5-12 years: 9 classes per month (average 2 per week)

13-17 years: 9 qualifying 13 years to adult classes per month (with class limitation on tested skill level)
Families (2 or more individuals)Services based on ages of family members and pricing above.10% discount on total membership for 2 members; 15% discount for 3 or more members.
Private (individual)1-30 minute session
1-60 minute session
4-60 minute sessions
Private (2 or more individuals)1-60 minute session
4-60 minute sessions
Drop In (individual)1-60 minute class$25

*GRIT offers veterans a 10% discount for ongoing membership. See promotion.

Buying and Scheduling

Free Week Trial1. You can email or call Haili, discuss class options, and let us know when and what class(es) you want to try.
2. Show up 10 minutes before the first scheduled class that you want to try.

Wear workout clothes (t-shirt and shorts). No shoes or socks are allowed on the mats. You will complete a customer information form and liability waiver at the gym BEFORE you start.
Purchasing1. GRIT MMA uses a self-service app called “MemberMe+.” Download the phone app and service for GRIT MMA LLC (Milwaukie, OR). Set up a member account and then make your purchase. For details on downloading the app and using its application, see: https://gritmmallc.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/GRIT-MMA-MemberMe-MMA-Instructions-new.pdf
2. Call Haili and make your purchase.

For family memberships, please call. It won’t be possible to purchase through self -service.
Booking your classesAfter purchasing, you can use the self-service MemberMe+ to book (or reschedule) your classes from your phone. ALL members are asked to book or schedule classes before arriving for class.

If you don’t have a phone, classes can be scheduled on a computer or tablet too. Call Haili and she can send you a link to set it up.
Checking into the gym.Use the self-service MemberMe+ app member bar code and scan in at the gym’s front desk AND sign the attendance sheet next to the scanner.

What Customers Say


The sense of community at GRIT MMA is truly special.  From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and included.  The staff and fellow members create an environment where everyone supports and encourages each other.  Whether you’re a beginner or experience, you’ll find a place here to grow and thrive.

Julio Lluvias, Jr.


I love coming here, welcoming environment where you can learn and feel confident, even if you are a beginner.  Stop by and do the free week trial, you’ll soon find yourself buying the membership.  You are family the second you step into this gym.  If you’re looking to get in shape, get a good workout in, learn self-defense or get ready for a fight this is the spot.

David Ventura

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