Meet the Coaches

Hazel Kathryn joined the GRIT family on December 30th becoming part of the Frei family: Coach Carson, Haili, and brother Jace.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle.

The Frei Family

Carson and Haili met at an MMA gym in Portland in 2017. Their passion for fitness and martial arts brought them together and have been training ever since! The husband and wife duo love working out as a family and finding new ways to make exercising fun. Carson’s background and knowledge in health, fitness and MMA makes for an amazing coach that specializes in many areas of MMA. Haili’s experience with cardio kickboxing makes for a fun and energetic way of loosing weight, getting in shape and self defense. The children’s classes are a great way for kids to build confidence, coordination and team building.

Carson Frei

Carson James Frei was born and raised in Idaho. In 2012, Frei graduated from Lewiston High School and moved to Vancouver, Washington to attend Clark Community College. Carson demonstrated a proclivity to the arts from the time he began karate at the age of five, and has continuously trained in mixed martial arts year-round for 22 years. For thirteen years, Carson studied under Sensei Frank Arnett at Martial Arts America, Lewiston, Idaho. In the 1980s, Arnett was ranked as #1 in full contact karate in the Pacific Northwest. After earning his black belt in karate at the age 12, Carson began taking Arnett’s mixed martial arts classes. Carson won his first amateur fight when he was fifteen and won seven MMA and two kickboxing amateur competitions. In 2015, Frei began competing as a MMA professional. To date, Carson is competing as a lightweight and is ranked #1 in the Pacific Northwest and holds 13 professional bouts to his name.

Haili Frei

Haili was born and raised in Canby, Oregon. In 2011, she graduated from Canby High School. Since high school, Haili has had an interest in weight lifting, cardio and overall health and fitness. She meal preps for her entire household and is in charge of keeping Carson’s diet on track when he has an upcoming fight. She finds staying active important and wants to make fitness fun and interesting for everyone in the family. Haili believes in creating healthy habits early on. Her son, Jace has trained and competed in multiple Jujitsu competitions and continues to work with Carson on his kickboxing and wrestling technique. Hail believes cardio kickboxing is the fastest and most fun way to get back in shape after having a baby.

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